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3/7/2018 BDS Agreement; Authority to Destroy Records; Sept 30, 2017 FInancial Statement; Res#18-15 2018 Ella Overlay LHTAC Agreement; Ella Ave Bid Documents
2/21/2018 Idaho Unified Certification Program Agreement; Amd #4 for Phase 2 Farmin's Landing and Bridge St intersection; WWTP update; U of I property update; ACI review; Dec 31, 2017 Finance Qtr Report
2/7/2018 Lion's Club Independence Day Agreement; Lake Pend Oreille Cruises Moorage Lease; Downtown Revitalization Phase i Re-Bid and Phase II Sewer Bid;Appointment of Sarah Lynds - City Treasurer; GN Park Restroom Contract; Travers Park Storage Contract
1/17/2018 Mountain Springs Meter Reading Agrmt; Quitclaim Downtown Streets Transfer of Ownership; Lease 2018 Kubota; Lease 2018 Western Star Dump Truck; Oak St BIke Track Final Design; Res Coop Agreement ADA Ramps US Hwy 2; Res Grant to Purchase Boat Motors
1/3/2018 Oath of Office for Elected Officials, Election of Council President, Request Sewer Charge Reduction at 102 Superior St, Resolution in Support of Local HIghway Safety Improvement Program Grant
12/20/2017 P&Z Commission reappointment Beggs, Res Live After 5 Concert Series, Short Term Rental Review, Res Comp Plan Map Amend, Res Federal Aid Rehabilittaion Bridge Street Bridge, Res JPA Renewal Sagle and Westside Fire Districts, Res Fasttrack Services Agreeme
12/6/2017 Purchase PD Software, Hearing Comp Plan Map Amend, Hearing and Ordinance Building Code Amend, Remove Trees on Ella, Live After 5 Concerts, Fire Cost Recovery, LSIP Grant, Children Pedestrian Grant, OpenGov Open Town Hall, Canvas of 2017 City Election
11/15/2017 Vacation Rental Workshop;Arts Com Appt; Ord 1349-Beach Rules;SPOT budget FY2018;RR Quiet Zone; YMCA Contract Study;Purchase PD Software;Flood Ordinance; TAP Grant Pine St sidewalks
11/9/2017 Res No 17-78 Resolution Adopting Bonner County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan
11/1/2017 Ped/Bike Committee Appt, Building Permit Waiver for Bonner Co, Revision to 7-5-3-Beach Rules & Regs, Public Hearing-CDBG Grant for DT Lighting, Approval to Apply for CBDG, Establish Redevelopment Area, Presentation on OpenGov
10/30/2017 Res No. 17-75-Sandpoint Fire Fighters Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017-2020
10/20/2017 Res No. 17-74 - Approval to Apply for LOR Foundation Grant for Acquisition of Property
10/18/2017 Bald Mtn Site Lease Renewal USFS, Fair Housing Res, Snow Removal Equip Rental Contract, Revision to Short Term Rental, Snow Removal Policy, Downtown Holiday Lights, Encroachment Litehouse, Executive Session -Acquire interest in real property
10/4/2017 Ord #1348 Disestablish BID, Schweitzer Cutoff Roundabout Public Art RFP, Idaho Community Forestry Parks Tree Inventory Management Plan, Area of City Impact Upland Drive Waste Collection Site, Reduce Sewer Charge at 1211 Baldy Mtn Rd
9/20/2017 Snow Removal Policy Workshop, Tree Committee Appt, Ped/Bike Comm Appts, PTO Policy, VEBA Amend, Long Term Disability Contract, 457 Comp Plan, Interfund Loan for Memorial Field Project, Delta Dental Contract, MOU with Independent Highway District