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3/15/2017 Arts Com'n Appt-Deaner; Records Destruction; Litehouse Buttermilk Facility Fire Auto Aid Agreement; Fiber Optic Network Conduit Lease Rates; Fire Volunteer Incentive Program; Downtown Revitalization Report; Business Improvement District (BID) Report
3/1/2017 Utility Billing Services; Wetland Credits; BID Survey; Fiber Franchise Ordinances - Fatbeam and Intermax
2/15/2017 Committee Appointments; Transfer Playground and Kitchen Equipment to County; Fiber Network Fees; Fiber Access Exchange w/County; Fiber Conduit Lease Rates; Ting Network Hut Lease; Downtown Streets Report; Ped Safety at Ridley Village; Army Corps Lease
2/1/2017 Sustainability Committee Appointment; Greenprint Report; MOU with IHD; Schweitzer Cutoff Rd Project Property Acquisition; Parks & Rec Software
1/18/2017 Humbird Mill Park Maintenance; Telecommunications Facilities; Grant for Flashing Crosswalk Lights; Schweitzer Cutoff Bridge Project State/Local Agreement; Dark Fiber Fees
1/4/2017 Frontage Improvements at 804 Airport Way; Kaniksu Health Services Parking Agreement; BID Management Agreement w/Chamber of Commerce; Fees for New "200" Docks at Windbag Marina; Bridge Street Bridge Rehab; Healthy Growth; Greenprint
12/21/2016 Ped-Bike Appt; American Messaging Baldy Lease; Aquatic Invasive Species Update; Tree Removal 1024 Erie; Pine Street Woods; Parade/Public Assembly Permit Late Fees; SPOT JPA
12/7/2016 Committee Appts; Tour Boat Moorage; Surplus Playground Equipment; Fee Waiver for County; Festival at Sandpoint Mem Field Lease; New Windbag Docks; City Hall LED Lighting; Playground, Kitchen Equipment to County; Sewer Revenue Bond; ADA
11/16/2016 Records Destruction; Parks&Rec Annual Agreements; Sewer Revenue Bond Refunding; Schweitzer Bridge Utility Hearing; Kaniksu Parking Agreement; Quiet Zones; Sole Source Purchase; Streets Reversion Engineer; Water Main Project; Animal Control; IHD Agreement
11/2/2016 Arts Appt Soltis; Sustain Appt Tate; Baldy Site Active Electronics; Baldy Rd Permit from Id Dept Lands; Snow Removal Equip Rental; P&Z Code Changes; Water Bill Tillberg; Sewer Bill Cooper; Removal of Trees; Police Policy Manual; Fire Vehicle Financing