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3/6/2019 Arts Com Appts, Sept 30,2019 Audit, Downtown Phase 2 Design and Advertise for Bids, Transportation System Plan Update, Appointment of Melissa Ward as City Clerk, effective April 1, 2019
2/20/2019 Alexander Place Final Plat Approval, Purchase of Parks and Police Vehicles, Canada Goose Management Action Plan Agreement, Support for Granary Historic District Nomintaion, Comp Plan Update, Treasurer's Quarterly Report, Purchase of BSA Software
2/6/2019 2019-2021 Frozen Treat Mobile License; 2019 Lake Pend Oreille Cruises Moorage Lease, Res 19-06 Authorization to Sign Grant Docs Relating to Water Planning Grants, Res 19-06 Water Master Plan Agreemenet with Murraysmith, Res 19-07 Destroy Records
1/16/2019 John Hastings appointment to P&Z Commission, Update on Engage Sandpoint, Res No. 19-03 Fire and Bonner County EMS Collaboration Letter to the Bonner County Board of Commissioners
1/2/2019 Res 19-01 Field Reservation Policy; Sewer Charge Reduction at 1605 Baldy Mountain Road; Parks and Recreation Master Planning; Res 19-02 Addendum #1 to Contract for Prosecution Services
12/19/2018 P&Z Committee Appointments, 2019 Certified Government Grant, Building Permit Fee Waiver for Fairgrounds Poultry Building, Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Planning Update
12/5/2018 Commission Reappointments; Update on U of I property, Ord 1360 - Off Street Parking, Remove ROW tree at 2123 Browning Way, Res 18-47 Salary Administration Policy, Res 18-58 Financial Policies and Guidelines, Res 18-59 Grants Policies Manual Revision
11/20/2018 Special Event Fees Public Hearing/Resolution, Special Event Policy, Ord 1358-Special Events, Ord 1359-Amend Park Regs, Snow Removal Policy Revision, One-Call Snow Removal Bid and Contracts, Executive Session 74-206(1)(b)
11/7/2018 Updated Snow Removal Policy, Connie's Cafe Historic Sign, Update Downtown Construction, Tree Removal 502 Superior, Terrorism Coverage, Eureka Institute Agreement on Baldy Mountain Road
10/17/2018 Special Events,WWTP Facility Plan, Water Reduction Charge Northside Water, Sewer Charge Reduction 113 2nd, Silicon Smelter Comments, Wells Fargo Credit Card Agreement
10/3/2018 Road Scholar Presentation, Goose Management Workshop, Sewer Charge Reduction 1233 Michigan, Canine Officer Harley Retirement