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10/3/2018 Road Scholar Presentation, Goose Management Workshop, Sewer Charge Reduction 1233 Michigan, Canine Officer Harley Retirement
9/19/2018 Appointments to Historic Commission, Urban Renewal Board and P&Z Commission, City Council Workshop - Proposed Changes to off-street requirements and loading facilities
9/5/2018 Park Ave Private St, Res 18-47 Downtown Lights Contract, Res 18-49 Firefighter Group Ins Plan, WA School Crosswalk, Remove Trees 2124 Browning Way, Remove Tree 432 Huron, Build Alteration 804 Airport Wy, Ord 1356 Animal Cntrol, Ord 1357 Performance Standa
8/15/2018 Sandpoint Airpark Final Plat and Development Agrmt, Public Hearing 2018-2019 Budget, Ord No 1354 - 2018-2019 Budget, Public Hearing - Fees, Res No. 18-46 New and Revised Fees, Ord No. 1355 Flood Damage Amend, Treasurer's Quarterly Report June 30, 2018
8/1/2018 Res No. 18-44 Souptember Farmin Park Lease Agrmt, Res No. 18-45 WWTP Facility Plan Alternative, 2018-19 Budget Workshop,
7/18/2018 Memorial Field Turf Options Workshop, U of I Property Update, Res 18-41 Parking Amnesty Program, SPOT funding, City Fees, 2018-19 Preliminary Budget, Res 18-42 Foregone, Res 18-43 Purchase of JD Loader
7/11/2018 Res No. 18-37 Schweitzer Cutoff Roundabout Artist Contract, Res No. 18-38 Commitment to Fund Agreement with Blue Cross od Idaho Foundation, C. REs No. 18-39 Adoption of City Strategic Plan and 2018-2020 Priorities
7/5/2018 CDBG Contract for Downtown Lighting, WWTP Workshop, Executive Session 74-206(1)(d) consider exempt records
6/27/2018 Appointments to Committees; U of I Property Update, Designation of Custodians of Public Records; Audit Engagement Letter 2018; Fatbeam Fiber Optic Easement Across Memorial Field
6/6/2018 Fire Dept Structure Workshop; IDL Coop Agrmt; Amend MOU Bonner Co Fiber Network; Ord 1352 Parking Amend; Ord 1353 Short Term Rental Amend; Res 18-31 Adopt Eligibility Report Urban Renewal North District; Tree Removal 513 Oak; Res 18-32 Safety/Loss Policy
5/16/2018 Parking Workshop; Short Term Rentals Workshop; Selection of Schweitzer Cutoff Road Roundabout Art Project; Treasurer's Second Quarter Financial Report
5/9/2018 University of Idaho - Boyer Property Update/Next Steps Workshop
5/2/2018 Historic Preservation Commission and Urban Renewal Board reappointments, Res #18-28 Resolution to Protect Health, Safety, Economic Well Being of Local Citizens and Sandpoint's Drinking Water Supply from Potential Impacts of BNSF 2nd Railroad Bridge